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You can always write us from your email program at:
You can also use above provided contact forms for initial contact. Pease be sure that you enter valid email address, we will use it to contact you back. After that we may continue with normal email correspondence.

Ars Media Support

Email based, 24/7 365 days a year

Ars Media provide email based support for all our products 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All support questions are going to be addressed by qualified professionals, within 24 hours, but usually much sooner.

Register Your Product

In order to qualify for support we must know you. If you have obtained product directly from us, we have you registered as our customer. If you have obtained our product from Scala or Scala value added reseller please register your product here.

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Consult User Manuals

We will be glad to answer to any of your questions, however in order to make our work more efficient, and consecutively our support service better, please check that your question is not covered in the User Manual for the product you are using. All manuals are in PDF format.

Support for Scala Exporter Obtained from Scala with Scala Designer

Scala Exporter for Adobe Photoshop will not be distributed with Scala designer after October 31st 2016. After that product will not be available from Scala. If you have obtained this product from Scala and still need to use our tool after October 31st, please register your product. Please note that you have to register your product BEFORE October 31st 2016. After mentioned date, registration will not be accepted.

If you intend to use product after After Augus 31st 2016, Please register your copy.

Support For Advanced PowerPoint Exporter

Now part of SharePoint-Photoshop integration system!

Advanced PowerPoint Exporter do not exists anymore as standalone product. Product is now replaced as Microsoft SharePoint and Photoshop integration tool. We provided support for standalone version for five years after it has been discontinued. However If you still use Advanced PowerPoint Exporter and you have lost installation file please contact us.