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Design in Photoshop and save desing for Scala in just one click!

Now available with Scala Designer!

Scala Script Exporter allows you to design full Scala pages in Photoshop and to use its full graphics potential and it boils down tedious and time consuming transferring process down to "One-Click" task! But true beauty of this toll is that it allows YOUR CUSTOMERS TO DESIGN THEIR PAGES in Photoshop, and all that you have to do is to put a breath of animation. And you can do that instantly, meaning few seconds after customer has entered in your studio! No other toll on the market can do that! Period.

Scala Script Exporter will handle all the handwork:

-It will export each layer of the Photoshop file into Scala compatible clip, while preserving correctly size, position, transparency and effects for each clip.
-It will automatically generate Scala script for you; you will be able to open your design in Scala immediately.
-It can even understand and export interactive Scala buttons...
All you have to do in Scala is to add transitions and scheduling.

Scala Exporter is used by:

  • - Most of the Scala VAR's
  • - Most of the Scala Certified Experts
  • - Scala Company designers themselwes (What could you ask for more...)

It is recomended as suplementary design tool on all Scala training courses because:

  • - It will raise the quality level of your Scala presentations in a matter of days.
  • - There is no other tool on the market that will aloow you making top quality Scala content in such a short time!
  • - It will cut your usual production time to a fraction of percent used previously.

Even if you are new at Scala production, you should be comfortable:

  • - 95% of the people who download this tool and use it for a trial period will never even think of going back.
  • - We are so confident for our product value that we are covering it with 30 days money-back guaranty.
  • - If any problem arise we have techincal support that is second to none.

Download trial version, use it for 30 days and see for yourself why it is used by Scala, by most of Scala VAR's, and by many of best Scala designers and certified expers! Scala script Exporter is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS CS2 and CS3 and genetares scripts compatible with Scala Infochannel Enterprise, Adobe Phoroshop CS6 and CC (32/64 bits).

From Our Users...

(Real oppinions that you can find on Scala forum)

I'm afraid to say how much I like this new tool from ARS Media for fear that they'll charge too much for it! Truly, this will quickly become an essential tool for people doing image composing and builds within Scala.So thank you to Ars Media ...
John Stoke

Downloaded the test-version yesterday, and I have to say that this little plug would have saved us a lot of time on our last project, which had a lot of pages that needed pixel-perfect placement. Advanced buttons are really easy to do with it too. If anyone didn't try it yet, do so.... Great job Ars Media.
Gunar Norum

Can't thank you enough for this wonderful Scala tool. It's a bargain at any price, and your intro offer is most generous. Best of luck to Ars Media
Paul Miller